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School Coaching

At the end of the day schools are businesses that often face the same problems as other companies; however, they are in a very specific environment, which calls for specialised advice. It is important that school staff is able to communicate well and understand how to think strategically about their institutions future. The professional development of those working for schools is imperative to a schools success and ensures its legacy remains for generations of students to come.

  • Do you and your colleagues struggle to have crucial conversations?
  • Are you confident in strategically thinking about your school’s future?
  • Are you struggling the find synergy between teaching and business?
  • Could your team benefit from professional development?

Schools are unique. Yes they are a business that provide a service, however, they are also extremely emotionally invested in the delivery of that service which can make strict business conversations difficult. Most of our clients seeking Coaching for Schools are seeking assistance for the same issues as businesses’ in other industries, the difference being that there is an even greater focus on collaborative working in a School to ensure the complete and successful education of it’s students.  The ability for a School to run effectively does not only impact the schools future and it’s employees but the futures of its students as well.

John will work with your Leadership Team including Principles, Deputies, and Heads of Learning to establish meaningful professional development strategies that will benefit individual employees and the school overall. Many times Schools find it difficult to have crucial conversations, and this is mostly due to the fact that each member is so invested in the students and the areas that they teach in. John can teach you the tools and skills needed to improve your emotional intelligence and ensure you are able to identify traits in yourself and others. This allows for more harmonious interaction and ensures you are sensitive to other party’s investment in the matter being discussed.

Schools that take control of their staff’s ability to strategically evaluate the schools performance and areas for improvement are actively investing in the future success of their institution. The ability to openly and clearly communicate ideas, opinions, and thoughts is invaluable to a school and will ensure the effective education of all its students. Teachers and Heads of the school work best when they are heard and have the skills to actively listen to their colleagues. Take the next step to developing a cohesive Leadership Team at your School with Coaching for Schools with Peak Consultancy.

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