Result Focused Business Coach Perth

My Story

Hi, I am John Hardy

I am married to Patti and we have three amazing children – Jared, Nathan & Talitha – two of whom are married with children.

We have travelled all over Australia- with my children being born in Port Hedland – WA, Biloela – Qld & Preston – Vic.

We have now settled in Byford WA and have moved into our new house which was built by Hardy Constructions, owned by my two sons Jared and Nathan. My daughter works locally as a Chaplain.

How I started coaching

In 2001, I went through a major change in my life. My work life stopped suddenly and it had a very strong impact on my life. I wondered what could be next in my future. It took me a good 18 months to resurface, engage in life, and once again look for opportunities to find my place.

My wife and I went away for a retreat to think through the next stage of our life and future. My amazing wife and I landed on ‘Coaching’ as a most obvious life strategy and as they say, the rest is history.

I connected with some amazing people and was able to find some great opportunities. I was quickly up and running, working in change management, cultural renewal,  and the coaching of leaders and business people.

I needed training and connected to CoachNet International – where you are required to be coached as you coach.  This period was a time of big personal and professional development for me.

I am continually engaged in my own learning and growth by always following new opportunities to learn more about coaching practices and methods.

As a coach I have three main values that motivate how I engage with people – Focus, Clarity & Accountability. These deal with the major challenges that most face on a daily basis – Drift, Distractions & Discouragements. I am always working to help my clients bring out the best in themselves, and realise their life goals and dreams.



All Aboard Seafoods

Today, the gleaming restaurant on Perth’s Eastern Highway is a well-regarded local favourite. With menu options that vary from a range of seafood offerings to burgers, salads, roasts, and even delicious curries, the restaurant has managed to ride the wave of our Nation’s quickly transforming fast food movement. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Click the button below to see how John helped transform All Aboard Seafoods into the success it is today.