Result Focused Business Coach Perth

Executive Coaching

You may be, or have in your employment, a highly skilled executive who, for whatever reason, finds themselves in unchartered territory around a specific project or issue. Examples of such situations might include a merger, an acquisition, corporate legal issues, competitor activity likely to negatively impact your business or even a personal event which is influencing your leadership.

Peak Consultancy’s Strategy Specific Executive Coaching Service consists of 3 sessions dedicated entirely to working through concerns surrounding the issue at hand. John’s decades of experience as an Executive Coach and Company Director enable him to efficiently identify the key issues, eliminating “background noise” to get to the heart of the immediate challenge being faced.

Throughout his career in many different types of organisations, John has faced a myriad of professional challenges and will provide the methods and course work you need to effectively navigate your way through your current circumstances. You will complete Peak Consultancy’s Strategy Specific course with an improved sense of self-belief, a clear focus on your goals, a greater understanding of how to effectively communicate to an outcome and a set of practical tools you can utilise to help guide you through to your desired result.

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