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Business Coaching

Are you lacking in confidence, struggling to prioritise, getting overwhelmed with your financials, and failing to effectively communicate with your employees? It sounds like you would benefit from Business Coaching with John Hardy.

Being in business is difficult and at times it may feel as though you’ve lost direction in your career and need to rediscover your purpose. The skills needed to lead effectively and the confidence to overcome these doubts is something that can only be learned from an experienced Business Coach.

Your business success relies on your personal success and by seeking information about Business Coaching you have taken the first step to ensuring both successes.

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    Are you overwhelmed with daily tasks and struggling to prioritise?
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    Do you want to learn how to be a meaningful strategic thinker?
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    Do you want to know how your staff is performing and how to pick the right employees?
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    Are your ready to finally fully understand your business’ financial position?

John will take these uncertainties and doubts and guide you towards your true purpose in the business world. As a Coach, it’s not about us having all of the magical answers, it’s about us being able to understand you as a person, and identifying the right questions to ask to take you on a journey to complete clarity.

There are multiple aspects to the Business Coaching model and yours will be tailored to you, your business, and your specific situation. At the end of your Coaching journey you will arrive at a place of insight and will confidently know which step to take.

John can help you take control of your business, starting with your ability to prioritise and work effectively. We see so many people come to us who are working ridiculous hours and not seeing the fruit of their labours. With help from Peak Consultancy you will be working 9-5 in no time and be completing effective work that is positively impacting your business every day.

John’s greatest skill is his ability to understand people, their personalities, and what motivates them. This is extremely useful when hiring effective employees. It’s not just about a gut instinct or ‘feeling’ when it comes to hiring employees, there are techniques and methods to ensure you are hiring the right people. This includes establishing your current employee’s strengths, where they are performing, and why.

During your time working with Peak Consultancy you will learn how to engage in strategic thinking. It’s a difficult thing to do but given the right techniques, such as tactile engagement, you will be making confident strategic decisions about your business in no time. You will also learn how to communicate these decisions and ideas effectively by learning behavioural tools and understanding what questions to ask and how to avoid miscommunications.

There is so much to business coaching, not just the above. We also cater to those seeking financial understanding, confidence, and general direction. To find out more and set up a free Initial Consultation and discover what’s possible in your business today.


All Aboard Seafoods

Today, the gleaming restaurant on Perth’s Eastern Highway is a well-regarded local favourite. With menu options that vary from a range of seafood offerings to burgers, salads, roasts, and even delicious curries, the restaurant has managed to ride the wave of our Nation’s quickly transforming fast food movement. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Click the button below to see how John helped transform All Aboard Seafoods into the success it is today.