Result Focused Business Coach Perth

Small Business

The Business Audit is catered to Small Business Professionals who want to get a deeper understanding of one particular aspect of their business. Whether that aspect is Financials, Staffing, Communication, Time Management, why the business is performing a particular way, John can help small business owners regain clarity and control of their business.

The Audit is held in a 3-session time frame. It has a similar structure to our Coaching services however the initial consultation will set the tone for the remainder on the Audit.  The Audit is extremely concentrated which enables you to gain a deeper understanding of an aspect of your business of your choosing. There will be no extra information to get you head around or unnecessary time wasting, John will provide you with the skills and resources to ensure an efficient solution to your problem.

This skills and information you will discover during the Audit will be invaluable to your future as a business owner and to all of your stakeholders. Book a consultation with John today and take the first steps to ensuring your Small Business thrives and continues to do so for years to come.