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Professional Coaching

Regardless of profession, most people would agree that at some point in their career, they have felt overwhelmed, unclear of their vision for the future or underconfident about how to tackle certain challenges.

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    Do you lack clarity around what you are ultimately trying to achieve in your career?
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    Do you wish you were a more effective communicator?
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    Do you get bogged down with daily activities and have difficulty seeing the big picture?
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    Do you feel frustrated your career is not progressing at the pace you expect?
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    Do you struggle to find a work/life balance?

Peak Consultancy will take the time to really understand where you are at, both professionally and personally, and work with you to develop a clear path forward. John will offer clarity around why you are finding certain tasks or situations challenging and provide you with practical tools to help you develop your skills and become the master of your own destiny.

Coaching sessions are held in the strictest of confidence and John’s friendly and down-to-earth approach will ensure you feel immediately comfortable sharing your hopes as well as your concerns for the future.

Whether you’re an engineer, lawyer, project manager, media personality, doctor, athlete or any other professional, Peak Consultancy can develop a tailored coaching course to set you on the right path to achieving your goals. John will conduct an initial consultation with you to gain insights into your individual circumstances then provide a clear scope for the coaching course and how it will empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.

With a career spanning many decades and various industries, John will draw on his significant expertise and extensive course work to equip you with the skills you need to realise your professional and personal ambitions. You’ll complete the course with improved communication skills, a clear vision for your future, the ability to think more strategically and a significantly heightened sense of self-confidence.


All Aboard Seafoods

Today, the gleaming restaurant on Perth’s Eastern Highway is a well-regarded local favourite. With menu options that vary from a range of seafood offerings to burgers, salads, roasts, and even delicious curries, the restaurant has managed to ride the wave of our Nation’s quickly transforming fast food movement. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Click the button below to see how John helped transform All Aboard Seafoods into the success it is today.