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Church Coaching

As part of a Church community it is you duty to empower and uplift your community, spreading the news of your Faith. It is important that Church leadership groups have the skills to work collaboratively and effectively to ensure the Church thrives and can serve its community well. Many Religious Scriptures talk about teaching and collaborative work to spread the message of Faith and that’s exactly what we do through Coaching for Churches. Peak Consultancy can help you clarify your structure as an organisation and give your leadership team the tools to connect with others and make the Church as successful as possible.

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    Do you struggle to understand your Church as an organisation?
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    Is your leadership team lacking cohesiveness?
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    Do you want to discover breakthrough opportunities to connect with your community?
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    Are your ready to finally fully understand your business’ financial position?

Coaching for Churches covers a wide spectrum of issues that may arise within a Churches leadership structure. Because a Churches purpose is to be a religious beacon for the community, it can be difficult to outline the dynamic of the Church and the structure of the Church as an organisation. John will establish the dynamic of the Church and help the leadership group determine hierarchy of the Church not only in a religious sense but an organisational sense as well. By understanding what everybody’s role is within the Church, Church members will be better prepared to serve the community as best they can.

When evaluating the Churches current situation John will evaluate the ‘Church Health’. This is a diagnostic model that helps to show where the water is leaking in the Church, so to speak, and allows for a scope of work to be formed. Every Church will have different strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to have a Coach who understands not only Religious and Denominational differences, but organisational differences as well.  John will also assist you with Church Planting and figuring out what training is needed and how to eventually go about Church Planting. It’s this commitment to individual and collective professional development that will ultimately help the Church reach more followers in the community.

After an organisational and accountability structure has been established, John can also help you establish where the Church is financially and ensure the advice given is as economical as possible. Although some larger Churches are better positioned to invest in their development, it is possible for every sized Church to benefit from Coaching and reap the benefits both Spiritually and Organisationally. If you would like to learn how to effectively communicate and lead not only your team but your Church members contact Peak Consultancy today and ask about Coaching for Churches.


All Aboard Seafoods

Today, the gleaming restaurant on Perth’s Eastern Highway is a well-regarded local favourite. With menu options that vary from a range of seafood offerings to burgers, salads, roasts, and even delicious curries, the restaurant has managed to ride the wave of our Nation’s quickly transforming fast food movement. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Click the button below to see how John helped transform All Aboard Seafoods into the success it is today.