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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a meaningful tool that can bring about unbelievable improvements in both profitability and productivity. Whether you’re an Executive yourself seeking assistance or a company looking to meaningfully develop one of your Executives’ skills, Peak Consultancy can make a difference.

Common issues faced by Executives include the ability to prioritise, communicate, think strategically, and understand team members/employees. While you or your Executive may possess some of these skills, consulting an Executive Coach can improve skills significantly and help the Executive realise their full potential as a leader.

  • Are you finding it difficult to prioritise?
  • Would you benefit from assistance when it comes to strategic thinking?
  • Do you communicate effectively with your team?
  • Where are your team performing well and why?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind, you would benefit from Executive Coaching with John Hardy. During the free initial consultation, John will meet with the Executive in question, if it’s not the CEO then the CEO will not be present as John is focussed on understanding the person he is coaching and how to realise their individual potential. All appointments will be confidential to ensure the Executive is completely comfortable with John and able to focus only on their personal development. John will then coach the Executive regularly and engage his various tools and vast resources and course work to customise a plan that will improve specific leadership skills and bring the Executive to a place of clarity and confidence.

Thanks to his varied career, John can coach Executives from any industry. He customises his coursework, principles, and advice to cater to each individual Executive and guarantees to transform an Executive whose stills are strong into an Executive whose skills are superb. John inspires vision in others and ensures Executives’ visions come to fruition in a way that benefits their business.

By developing Executives you are ensuring the successful future of your business. Executives who have the skills to lead, communicate, and strategize effectively are invaluable to a business and don’t just ensure the business does well in the present but also thrives in the future.

An experienced, professional Coach such as John will get to the core of the person he is coaching. He will help bring them to a place of insight so they know their next step, and have the tools to continuing implementing the various skills they will learn during their time working with Peak Consultancy. Regular meetings of just 60-90 minutes can ensure the prosperous future of your business, for more information about Executive Coaching or to speak to John about the next steps to take contact Peak Consultancy today.

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