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How to Manage Conflict Effectively

In today’s post, Graham Beattie outlines 6 steps in how to best handle conflict in the workplace. This is always a tricky area for leaders, for avoiding it is not possible, yet there is usually areas of discomfort involved.


In developing your plans for 2020, how much of it involved you developing in your ability to lead your team? In today’s post, I’ve (David Allan) focused on improving your team. Improving this area yields exponential results!

Raising and Multiplying Quality Coaches

In today’s post Colin Noyes shares about the importance of developing coaches within faith-based ministries to see quality growth and multiplication take place throughout every facet of ministry.

Behaviours that Build Trust

In Today’s article Gary Hourigan shares about the critical ingredient of TRUST for effective teams. How does a team build trust? Gary covers this questiona along with other issues.

Barriers to Effective Leadership

In today’s article, John hardy shares helpful tips for breaking away from the 3 leadership hindrances of Drift, Distraction and Discouragement!