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Business Plan Executive Summary

The purpose of the Business Plan Executive Summary is to provide an ‘at a glance’ snapshot of the purpose behind the company, the key strengths presented by the Board and the primary products and/or services which will be covered in more detail by the Marketing Plan.

How to have Crucial Conversations

In essence, there are four different types of communication including interpersonal (which is an exchange of information between two or more people) written, non-verbal and verbal communication which is by far the most powerful as feedback and active dialogue is immediately available. Outstanding Leadership naturally involves excellent communication, and conversation is the usual conduit.  Not […]

Priority Log

It’s all too easy to generate a ‘To Do’ list every day and concentrate on the simple, least exacting and fun tasks first.  That does not, however, fit in with a real understanding of ‘priorities’ which involves dealing with the most important or harder tasks first. The following Priority Log, which is proprietary to Peak […]

Strategic Template

Strategic thinking may be defined as a thought process which is designed to achieve success in a personal or business endeavour.  The process may naturally generate unique business insights which will in turn lead to a competitive advantage for the individual or firm which undertakes them. Strategic thinking is designed to make a profound difference, […]

Top 10 Goals (Peak)

According to the Business Dictionary a goal is ‘An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.’ Goals should be constantly monitored, updated, changed, noted on completion and kept fresh in the mind.  It makes perfect sense to have medium (12 month) and […]

Talent Acquisition

A number of standard tools are available to HR recruitment managers including press adverts and online insertions into ‘Seek’, LinkedIn and other facilities which are available to the entire marketplace. This may be broadly described as a ‘shotgun’ approach which will reveal the same candidates to everyone time after time after time. A far more […]